Energy Efficiency

Most organizations can cut costs and carbon by operating more efficiently. The million dollar question, where to start? How to measure? What to invest?

Advanced Energy works with companies to develop energy efficiency projects and plans that maximize savings and measure success. Advanced Energy’s energy efficiency services include:

AE’s process will identify operating efficiencies within companies and empowers personnel to capture those opportunities. Our energy efficiency experts work side-by-side with your facility managers and engineers to prioritize a list of energy efficiency projects and execute these projects in a timely fashion.

Companies that have participated in a Consumption Workshop have saved up to 60% on energy costs. Advanced Energy’s highly experienced team of mechanical, electrical and environmental engineers has the experience and expertise to develop projects that have the fastest payback and lowest initial investment.

The process enables your company to:

  • Better understand energy usage and cost inside your facility
  • Develop a coordinated plan to reduce energy waste
  • Make your facility an energy efficient building
  • Identify energy cost reduction opportunities
  • Implement programs across multiple facilities
  • Save energy and money
energy efficiancy

Our focus is on a wide range of energy efficiency projects requiring differing levels of capital up front. While some projects involve significant initial investment, others achieve energy cost reduction without any cost at all. We focus on exclusively identifying the subset of energy efficiency projects that don’t require capital investment.

Advanced Energy can design and implement energy efficiency projects for your organization. Additional services include:

Energy efficient building certification (LEED, USGBC, Energy Star) Program development for lighting retrofits and control, compressed air audits, HVAC systems, steam and boilers, power factor correction, distributed generation and propane air systems Application for federal and local rebates, incentives & credits, Site assessments, including the analysis and identification of efficiency and usage reduction opportunities at a particular facility

Why Advanced Energy?

Our sustainability services enable your organization to implement a sustainability strategy that simultaneously unifies a global footprint and leverages local challenges.

Utilities Expertise: Energy use accounts for the vast majority of greenhouse gas emissions. Advanced Energy excels at collecting, organizing and verifying the data needed to calculate and improve your organization’s energy sustainability.

Customized Approach: We recognize that every organization has a unique set of pressures and priorities driving sustainability decisions. We delve into your business to understand your objectives and recommend sustainability services that best suit your situation.

Market Intelligence: We have our finger on the pulse of the latest issues and can leverage this knowledge on your organization’s behalf. Regardless of industry, location or size, you can reap the benefits of our market knowledge without having to spend countless hours poring over reports.

Depth of Services: We provide an integrated suite of coordinated, strategic sustainability services that yield measurable results. Sustainability-focused professionals throughout your organization can look to Summit Energy for strategic guidance, program development, engineering consulting, benchmarking and reporting services.