Welcome to Advanced Energy Resources

Welcome to Advanced Energy Resources

Our goal AER is to help US companies become more energy effective by reducing your overall energy expenditures from day one moving
forward, thus directly making your company more profitable. AER helps companies by looking at how they are use and procure energy, make and implements recommendations to use the least amount of energy without effecting your businesses operation and performance.

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AER is National Company with satellite office across the USA. We offer most of our services in all US deregulated markets .
We have also provided our Energy Consulting Services across the globe.

After working with AER, your facility will be more efficient and you will reduce your companies annual energy expenditures, guaranteed!

We always put our customers interest first. We have the knowledge of national companies yet still offer a hands on experience to each one of our clients. For us, a satisfied client is the best we can achieve and our consultants are abreast of all the changes and updates in the industry to help you better understand your options

We strive on educating our clients so please feel free to reach out and our energy consultants will be glad to engage in a conversation to explore the best options for your company.

advanced energy solutions
  • Bill Audits
  • Facility Audits
  • Procurement – Blind & Open Auctions
  • Benchmarking
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Ongoing energy Monitoring


advanced energy case studies

Sample text our focus is on a wide range of energy efficiency projects requiring differing levels of capital up front. While some projects involve significant initial investment, others achieve energy cost reduction without any cost at all.


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